Excerpt #4 ☾from Chapter 2☽



The Beatles said it best when they uttered the words “All you need is love.” But is that all you really need? Well, for one thing, love sure gives life more dimension/color. Be it romantic love, platonic, familial, self-love… Love in its many forms is the primary muse in most people’s lives. Especially in the lives of writers and poets. ❤



Excerpt #3 ☾from Chapter 5☽


Lunnah firmly believes that a new look goes beyond looks. Before she travels across the globe for the year, she completely transforms her outer self to symbolize the inner transformation that’s on its way.

What about you? Do you think material items or “superficial” changes like a new wardrobe or tattoo can transform your inner world?

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Character Illustration Reveal! :o ☾

I just about fell off my seat when the artist I commissioned (Juls) delivered her illustration of Lunnah. The pencil sketch alone was incredible, but once the color was added in… I was floored. Well, I still am. 🙂


So, what do you think? Is her outfit quirky enough? 😀 Lunnah hasn’t always rocked this sort of style, mind you. In this drawing, she’s 21 and she has undergone a makeover (new hairdo, new wardrobe, and a crescent moon tattoo) as a symbol for the inner transformation she is sure to experience during her travels.

And the funny thing is, what she’s wearing is pretty close to my style. That’s not to say Lunnah is secretly me. She’s actually drastically different, however, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use aspects of my own life as inspiration for the book. 😉


>> Check out Juls’ artist profile: www.fiverr.com/julsilustrated <<

If you’re looking for an artist, look no further!
And it’s not like I even need to tell you that…
The talent that went into this speaks for itself.

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50 follows in 5 days?!

If Lunnah wasn’t just a character in a book, she’d be jumping for joy right about now (even if she was in a public setting), and she’d more than likely celebrate with a big bowl of strawberries and sugar.

50 follows may not seem like much, but this blog was born about a week ago, and it hit the 50 mark a few days ago…  😮50_follows

I’m not just focused on the number, though. I’m simply excited someone (okay, more than a few someones) are interested in this coming-of-age novel. It definitely inspires me to keep pushing forward.

On top of that, I was surprised to see some book review inquiry emails in my inbox AND I simultaneously hit the 10,0000-word mark!

Is this post a bit too boastful? Forgive me if it is. I’m just a bit excited is all… ❤

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Some More Exciting Stuff on the Horizon:

A full-color illustration of the protagonist (Lunnah) will be finished within the week. I commissioned a talented artist from Spain to draw Lunnah when she’s 21 years of age. This is when she decides to totally change her life and travel the world for an entire year in search of her tribe (all while attempting to awaken people to their inner child). The artist (Juls) actually just sent me the initial sketch and I reallllly (is that enough L’s?) want to share it, but I’ll just save it for my forthcoming main-character-reveal post.
I’ll be reaching the 20,000-word manuscript milestone in the next week or so!

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Excerpt #2 ☾from Prologue☽


With home not being much of a home and school not being much of a safe haven either, what is Lunnah to do?

She actually does have a special spot to escape all the yelling and bullying: nature. Oftentimes, you’ll find her in the middle of her backyard in a meditative state, taking in the symphony of sparrow song, beaming sunshine, and gentle breeze.

What are some of your go-to “escape-from-the-world” spots? If you feel like you don’t really have anywhere to escape from, where do you like to go to simply relax?


Excerpt #1 ☾from Chapter 1☽


Are you an asymmetrical shape just like Lunnah?

What is your stance on lines?


…More excerpts are around the corner!

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Book Blurb for “Lunnah”

To give you a tiny taste of what this novel is about, I crafted a brief book blurb. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. All that’s left? A gigantic chunk of ice just underneath waiting for you to chisel away at it.

But fret not, I’ll be remedying some of the mystery with enticing excerpts in the coming days… Within the next few weeks, I’m also going to team up with an artist to see if they can do an epic draw-up of the star of the show, Lunnah. I’m an artist myself, but drawing people has NEVER been my forte…

Without any further ado…

An out-of-this-world girl, of this world, but not entirely in it, suburbia-bound LUNNAH STERLING is on a mission to remind adults of their neglected inner child, even if it’s at her expense (which it often is). Her whimsical mission continues well into early adulthood as she bravely travels the world to not only share her wonder-filled vision, but to find her tribe.

Will Lunnah wake up the world from its black and white stupor, all while finding the authentic friendships and love she didn’t think she needed but always longed for?


…I’ve been struggling with what genre this should be. I wanted to say Young Adult Fiction… However, the protagonist isn’t a teen throughout the entire novel. In fact, the narration spends a lot of time dabbling in her early childhood. BUT, A bulk of it will take place when she’s in her early 20s on her world-wandering, tribe-finding expedition. For now, I’ll just go with a cross between Contemporary Romance, Coming of Age, and Adventure. If any other genres pop out at you after reading this blurb or some of the forthcoming excerpts, please let me know! 😀


The adventure begins…

The only ingredient you’ll need? IMAGINATION!

Excerpts, artwork, and fun facts galore are on their good old way! Brace yourself.

In the meantime, find out more about this yet-to-be published novel here.